The Building

The concept of providing retirement living for those in the performing arts has been around for a long time. Motion Picture and Television Fund’s Country House in Los Angeles was built over 25 years ago. Residents range from actors, dancers, makeup artists to cinematographers. Since the early 60’s, the International Independent Showman’s Association retirement home in Gibsonton, Florida has provided eighty affordable apartment units for retirees

Due to the surging economy in Calgary, purchasing a home in the city has become out of reach for many.

PAL Calgary’s lodge will be modeled from the PAL successes in downtown Toronto and Vancouver, while maintaining a truly western flair. PAL Place in Toronto hosts live performances by both residents and visiting artists in both the residents’ cabaret and the professionally-designed theatre lounge. PAL Vancouver hosts audiences in the public performance space located at its rooftop garden.

The concept proposes a seniors artistic living and performing space that will foster active integration with the community. PAL Calgary envisions a building of a minimum of eighty self-contained living units within reach of Calgary’s “central cultural cluster,” with a flexible 150 seat capacity performance/rehearsal space and common areas that would be shared with friends, family and audiences alike.

Estimates bring the cost of the project at $26.5 million for 80 units. The project could be a joint venture between PAL Calgary and an experienced Calgary developer of seniors housing. There are many benefits of bringing in an experienced developer, including knowledge of the industry. PAL Calgary will manage the project with an advisory team from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, commercial real estate, The Calgary Housing Commission and project management experts.

PAL Calgary is excited about embarking upon this venture and the eventual realization of our own lodge.

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