How To Donate

Calgary’s need for affordable housing is front and foremost in people’s minds. Housing and rental costs have spun out of control leaving many to wonder how they will spend their retirement years.

There is a significant earnings gap between senior performing artists and the overall senior demographic. Seniors in the performing arts earn an average annual income of $10,000 – half the average annual income of people over the age of 65. Many Calgary performing arts professionals in their golden years badly need assistance in housing and support from the community they spent their working years in. PAL Calgary’s goal is not just to provide housing, but to build a home where these creative individuals can continue to enjoy life with others of the same spirit. This supportive environment will include amenities and services to foster residents’ creativity, well-being, health, mental fitness and energy for life.

Our estimate for an 80 unit lodge is 26.5 million. To that end, we are seeking funding and grants from federal, provincial and municipal agencies as well as the corporate and private sector.

Your donation can make a difference. Download the donation form and be an active part of this inspiring project as it becomes a reality.

"The great civilizations of history are remembered less for their business acumen, banks and captains of industry than they are for the legacy left by their artists, architects, writers and musicians."   - David LeReaney

Click here for the donation form.

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